StyroMeltsmall-logo StyroMelt is a green process that first converts Expanded Polystyrene – “EPS” or “Styrofoam” – into a liquid and then cools it into a solid briquette, achieving a reduction in volume by 95%. This material can then be stored indefinitely until it is either sold to recycling companies to be turned into new products or as waste for fuel to energy plants.

small-logo StyroMelt uses a thermal compaction and densification process to achieve a volumetric reduction of waste of up to 95% to dramatically reduce waste storage, transportation and landfill costs.

small-logo StyroMelt simply reverses the manufacturing process of the polystyrene by applying conducted heat, converting it into a liquid resin that is cooled into a briquette. The operation of the machine is simple and restricted to switching the machine on/off and removing cooled briquettes. The ergonomics of the machine eliminate the possibility of the machine operator touching hot surfaces and the door is electronically timer interlocked to restrict access only when the material is safe to handle. Air is filtered to remove odour via a high performance Labyrinth pre-filter and a specialist blended carbon main filter.

small-logo StyroMelt does not employ blades or dangerous moving parts and is virtually silent running. The machine can deal with contaminated waste such as meat and fish boxes and the resultant volume reduced briquette is completely sterile and can be stored indefinitely. This means that several loads can be put through the machine over time until sufficient quantities have been produced for either sale or re-processing.

StyroMelt Video

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